Tuesday, June 28, 2011

EA love {#3}

[Considering that my last post was forever ago....(whoops!) it's now or never!]

Food in East Asia is not quite (ok not really) like food at home. It's 100x better!!!!!!! I can't even begin to really explain how it tastes to you because it makes me want to go back and get some! Although, you have to know what to order!! (you don't want something like fat or turtles-haha)

Possibly my favorite! So many choices!! There is usually a lazy susan in the middle of the table where all the dishes you order are placed. It's very "family style" and everyone shares. Once everyone has a bowl of rice, take your chopsticks and grab whatever you want, put it in your bowl, and stuff your face :) My favorites are eggplant, pork, potatoes, fried kidney beans, and sugar snap peas.

potato balls

mmm! look at those peas!

Chicken with apples & potatoes

Peking duck

Hot Pot:
Definitely not my favorite choice....Boiling pot of flavored water in which you cook different types of meat and vegetables. After getting the food out, I like to dip it in a little bit of the local hot spice before eating it with the rice.

lao jao

Vendors cook food all day long, but there are foods similar to something you would have early in the morning. You can get a type of flatbread taco filled with yummy veggies, fried doughnuts, noodles, or Bao Zi (steamed dumplings). Yum!! Definitely one of the best places to go!

I really enjoyed getting a latte or mochaccino in the coffee shops. A lot of people enjoy getting a milk tea (I never did). But everyone drinks bottled water (like Mexico, you do NOT drink the tap water)! and I enjoyed getting Minute Maid juice drinks (with flavors not found in the US).

Snack Street:
Usually set up like a large food court, there are different areas to sit and walk-up places to eat several varieties of food. My favorites are "barbeque" shao kao, shish kabobs that you pick, which are cooked on a grill right in front of you, GuoTie (fried dumplings), and fruit smoothies!

before being cooked

Enjoying some sausage

Haley & I having some fried dumplings

this is what it looks like

Produce & Meat Market:
A wonderful place to buy fresh vegetables & fruit, spices, eggs, seafood, live animals, or any cut of meat.

lao jao

rice cookies

bread store

huge veggies

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  1. don't you love the variety? I didn't like hot pot until the 8th time I had it. now it's not so bad. there are other things that are much worse ;)


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