Friday, June 17, 2011

Week View #3

Time really flies....
It's been a semi-busy week full of traveling
to see two of my closest friends from college!!!

This past Friday, I drove to the Outerbanks to visit with Rachel. We were roommates our junior and senior years of college and I hadn't seen her in forever (it seems)!! She was with her family on vacation and I sort of "crashed" in to say hey! I had never been there before, but I really enjoyed the light breeze, soft sand, dolphin watching, and freezing water!! I had a great time catching up and getting some sun! 
(Thank you for letting me come and hang out for the day!!)

My toes enjoying the OBX 
Burying the youngest sibling  ;)

Rachel relaxing while her boyfriend Matt built a sandcastle

The rest of the week I spent as usual:

walks with Lucy pup

I made my first egg souffle!
On Wednesday I went up to Richmond, VA to spend the entire day with my friend Alli. She and her husband moved there a few months ago from Lexington and I hadn't seen her since the fall. We became friends at the end of college and were in the same Bible study. I'm so glad we live closer now (until August)! We went to her neighborhood pool for several hours, did a little shopping, had dinner and frozen yogurt, and caught up on life. I truly miss this girl!!!

yummy guacamole and fish tacos
my odometer while stuck in traffic on I-95

Today, we are going home to SC for a surprise birthday party & also for Father's Day

yay for another week of Insta-Friday :)


  1. Looks like fun!

  2. oh man, so much summery goodness here. i'm envious of all of your beach pics! SO RELAXING! :)

  3. Lucy is precious and you're so lucky you get travel! I haven't been on a vacay in 3 years...

  4. Beach trip looks like fun! And sounds like a lot of good friend time. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. I m a new follower of your website ... Great post !! mate ..

  6. Love your photos. It sounds and looks like a wonderful and fun trip.


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