Wednesday, June 8, 2011

i HEART Pinterest

Pinterest is awesome!!!
I think I am a little obsessed (especially now since I have the app on my phone)! I admit, I like to pin a few things every day.....

This is a screen shot of my main page

A close up look at one of my boards

 and here are a few of my favorite prints I have pinned:

unknown source
Design me Daily
Dios Mudanzas
Rhonda Designs
Den10Studio on etsy
Naptime Diaries on etsy

June bug
Katie Daisy--love her stuff!
source unknown
DazeyChic on etsy

Before Pinterest, I would bookmark a page, file it away into a folder, but only to forget about it......
Pinterest allows you to pin pictures of projects, crafts, art, and anything else imaginable onto a virtual pin board. That way you can go to the allotted board and see a picture of what you are looking for- not a file name. Amazing! You can search for people, topics, and become a follower of other members.

This board topic is Food + Drink


Come follow my boards and pin along with me!!!
*Now, if only Pinterest had been around when I was wedding planning!  :)


  1. I totally agree Jamie!! Pinterest is so fun & I love following you!!

  2. just started following you :) I am SUPER obsessed with pinterest.

  3. Just purchased one of the prints you pinned. The Dr. Seuss "Today you are you..." one. Thanks for sharing this!


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