Friday, June 10, 2011

Week View #2

I am so happy to have stumbled upon Life Rearranged's Instafriday! 
I love being inspired
and I love photography of the everyday life!

[Plus, I can "show off" my Instagram pics on my blog 
for those who don't have an iPhone and can't follow along....hehe]
Taking Lucy out for morning walks can be really interesting
The woods behind our place are full of great trails,
 but there are strange things too:
plenty of trash piles
wild berries & ferns
discarded kid's toys
[see below]
I mean, really? 

Lucy is also our bunny spotter :)

Enjoying a Iced Chai Tea Latte (my fav) & some journaling

Watching Matt's softball team play

The wreath currently hanging on our front door

{This is from last week}
  I went to Raleigh for an appointment and afterwards stopped by ANTHRO  :)

The current color on my nails- Prospect Park Pink 
and my favorite calendar in the background by Tay Morgan 

New summer shades
NYC in a minute 
so much cheaper than my usual OPI or Essie 
[and they last just as long and dry quickly]

10 cents a piece!! I couldn't pass it up- even though I didn't really "need" them

Being lazy on a Sunday afternoon
I'm grateful that Matt had the day off work
so we could go to church and make lunch together

Love these curtains :)

Hope you enjoyed the random shots from the week!
Looking forward to checking out the linked up pics too!
Follow along with me @ Lifeasapepin

*i have to clarify: although i love those curtains, they are my friend's! wish i could claim them as mine!
 (she purchased them at a fabric store and made them- i snapped the pic while at her house)


  1. I had to click over just to tell you that I LOOOOOVE those curtains!!! so pretty!!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. (found you from the Instagram link-up) I, too, love those NYC In a Minute polishes. I have almost every shade. Well, except for the weird sickly green one. HA!

  3. I love the curtains and that color green! I can't wait to get me some of that NYC nail polish thanks for the tip! Visiting from instafriday.

  4. Love, Love, Love the curtains! ;)

  5. Your curtains are RAD!! I'm working on a wreath right now with twisted flowers... fun fun fun!

  6. Love your blog. Can we follow each other?

  7. Love this post. I think it's cute how you take pics of your feet - I do that all the time! Love the wreath and the nail polish shades - adorable! :)

  8. Hi, I totally tried to follow on friday but something was up with my google follower I couldn't see it on any web sites, totally weird! Anyhoo I am now following you :) I love your blog design too!

  9. I love Instagram too! Definitely adds a lot of fun to pictures :-) I played around with a few Mexico pictures that I took on my phone and added to my Facebook! You have a good memory about my gallbladder! Yes, I am supposed to get it out soon. I am going to try to hold out until the first week of August so I can enjoy the summer...we'll see how that plan works :-)

  10. Awesome pics Jamie!! Looked like a great week, esp visiting anthro ;)

  11. Thanks for dropping by and commenting :)

    Yes - that doll is creepy. Eesh.
    Love those curtains, too. And I will have to check out those polishes. I love cheap polish in fun colors that dries quick.

  12. hopping over from life rearranged. seriously with the baby?? there is a sad baby girl somewhere out there... broken record but LOVE LOOOOVE those curtains. cute blog!

  13. I am glad you added that clarification on the curtains, I was just about to ask where you got 'em! :D They are fab!


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