Monday, August 30, 2010

i HEART Etsy

Awesome necklace- my favorite colors!
If you haven't heard of the wonderfully amazing website Etsy, then you're in for a treat! It's an eBay or Amazon for the crafty & homemade goods. My Dad told me about the website when I was in college and suggested I start my own "shop". I have contemplated this for a few years, and really would love to sell. But, I've always thought that the crafts that I really love to make might become annoying (to make) if I am constantly making them over and over. Maybe I can do several different little crafts.......We shall see......

Love the cool, green pillow
Here are some super cute items that I saw today on Etsy:

how cute is this teapot? 

precious ringbearer pillow

fun fall colored napkins

AND I am So excited for the new season of Modern Family! That show is so hysterical and makes me laugh every single time! Here is a short little clip to gear up for the premiere in September:

They're Emmy Winners! and here is the funny clip:  George in the family

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our First Visitors

Matt's parents came to visit us about a week after we made it to IN :) It was a nice little visit to just hang out with them. They brought up my Beetle (now with A/C!) since we had taken their Suburban. Momma and Dad Pepin arrived on Thursday and we spent the evening with a nice, long walk around the neighborhood (which is quite-uh- interesting). Friday, us girls went up to the outlets and scored some good deals. Once Matt came home from work, we drove up to Indianapolis to sightsee and have dinner.

There was a protest going on downtown at the Civil War Memorial over the death of one of three motorcyclists due to a policeman who crashed into them while they were stopped at an intersection.We didn't know what was going on at first until someone let us know why there were hundreds of people standing around and even more bikers riding around or parking their motorcycles. Here is a link to the story: Indy Cop in Fatal Crash

Enjoy some pictures from the weekend!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Making Our House a Home

So I have finally decided to jump on the blog bandwagon, however, I am not typically known to be much of a writer. In college, I would take at least one hour to write one page (unlike my best friend and my husband who can whip up a 5 page paper in less than an hour).
Despite my lack of writing skills, I would like to use this blog to tell the short stories about life.  So don't expect long stories, but DO expect to see lots of photos, recipes, crafts, and short musings. :) Matt and I will be moving 4 times over the next 2 years and I am excited to start this little adventure!!! Being a Pepin now, I know full well that there will be MANY fun, spontaneous, exciting, unexpected, crazy, funny stories to tell! 
For now, I will post some pictures of setting up our apartment/townhouse and our new beginning here in Indiana.....

Sorting recipes from my Grandma "B"
Our art from  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
My first piece of mail as Jamie Pepin- Wahoo!!!
Our sweet clock from Keeneland
Indiana corn- Yum!
Our little table nook
I have a husband that loves to cook!!
Lucy on the attack!
We love the dog park!
I see a SQUIRREL!! Ahh!! I must climb the fence..
Whew! Safe from that silly pup!
I should've had that squirrel......
All day long I dream of fetching....... 

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