Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our First Visitors

Matt's parents came to visit us about a week after we made it to IN :) It was a nice little visit to just hang out with them. They brought up my Beetle (now with A/C!) since we had taken their Suburban. Momma and Dad Pepin arrived on Thursday and we spent the evening with a nice, long walk around the neighborhood (which is quite-uh- interesting). Friday, us girls went up to the outlets and scored some good deals. Once Matt came home from work, we drove up to Indianapolis to sightsee and have dinner.

There was a protest going on downtown at the Civil War Memorial over the death of one of three motorcyclists due to a policeman who crashed into them while they were stopped at an intersection.We didn't know what was going on at first until someone let us know why there were hundreds of people standing around and even more bikers riding around or parking their motorcycles. Here is a link to the story: Indy Cop in Fatal Crash

Enjoy some pictures from the weekend!

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