Thursday, August 25, 2011

Drink Recipe Knock-Off {Bread & Company}

The first time I ever visited Nashville, I recall having lunch at Bread and Company. After I graduated from UK several years later, I took a job, and moved to the Music City. I definitely enjoyed many lovely lunches there eating lots of yummy bread, chicken salad, and always (always) a glass of fruit tea.
Their fruit tea is sweet tea with a punch of sour and spice. It is definitely different, but so very delicious!!
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I decided to make my own concoction and came up with this tasty recipe:
{from the Bread & Co online menu}
Fruit Tea Recipe
2 Family Sized Iced Tea bags (or 4-6 regular sized tea bags)
1 Peppermint tea bag
1 can frozen Welch's Pineapple, Apple, Orange Juice
2 quart pitcher

1.Bring a medium sized pot of water to a boil (about 6 cups). Place the Iced Tea bags along with the  peppermint in the pot. Take off the burner for the tea bags to seep (*can be made in an Ice Tea Maker or you can use an electric water heater).

2. and then pour into a pitcher and fill with water until about 1.5 quarters full (keep the bags in to continue steeping). Once the water has become lukewarm, take the tea bags out.

3. Add in the can of frozen juice and mix together.

4. Fill a glass with ice and the tea- Enjoy!!! It's the perfect tea for summer & fall!!

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  1. well that sounds good. I've never heard of it before. might be good at a fall brunch or baby shower...:)


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