Friday, August 26, 2011

Week View #6 {Anniversary Recap}

Haven't done an InstaFriday in a while now, and I'd like to share the pictures I took (with my phone) while on vacation!!
When do I NOT take pictures?
Matthew and I went to Tybee Island for a week to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary.
You know you wanna go check out THOSE pictures!! ;)
We had a wonderful week relaxing and someday we'd love to do it again!!
As always-prepare yourself for plenty of photos........

Our Campsite

We enjoyed cooking every day (except dinner our last night)

A-J's Dockside Restaurant


We spent our days on Tybee North Beach 
(next to Fort Screven & the Lighthouse)

Shopping & Exploring downtown Savannah

 @ The Paris Market

We had such a wonderful week :)

Once we were home, we had our cake was so good!
Homemade Strawberry cake with buttercream frosting :)

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  1. what a fun trip! i love all of your pics! happy 1 year :)

  2. What a terrific trip and fabulous photos!

  3. wow, you guys packed a lot into one week! glad you got to get away to celebrate :)

  4. We stayed on the beach at Tybee Island a few years ago. Probably my FAVORITE vacation we've taken. It was awesome to wake up with an ocean view and then spend the evenings in Savannah! LOVE your pics! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Congratulations to you! Looks like you had a lovely time!


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