Friday, August 12, 2011

{Guest Post} Our Adoption story

Hey there! My name is Bethany!! Jamie and I met in college at UK's Campus Crusade for Christ, and she has invited me to be a guest blogger for the day to tell you a little bit about our adoption story!!

My husband, Jon, (whom I also met at CRU- Praise God!) and I started the process this January to adopt 2 children from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ok, so we actually had all of our paperwork ready for our dossier for Ethiopia, but that's a long story that you can read more about on my blog if you're curious.

We had always talked about adoption since back when we were dating & thought it was something we would do "one day"... but the Lord slowly revealed to us that this was His plan for our family right now.

So here we are, trying to be obedient to God's call to care for orphans and expand our family through adoption. It has definitely been a rollercoaster, but we've come to realize that rescuing precious children made in the image of God is worth the battle. They are worth fighting for, doing tons of paperwork, getting fingerprinted for, saving money for, and praying and praying for.

As of right now we have a referral for a beautiful 8 month old little girl whom we now lovingly refer to as "Little Sister."And we are waiting and praying for a referral for a little boy any day now. If you are a believer in Christ alone for your forgiveness & salvation, we would LOVE it if you would pray with us for our children. PRAY that God would keep them safe from harm or disease. PRAY that they have food in the bellies. PRAY that someone would love on them until we can bring them home.

And you can PRAY for us, that the Lord would grant us a peace that surpasses understanding as we trust God to provide the finances we need to complete our adoptions, trust in His timing and His plans for our family, and travel to a less-than-safe country to rescue our children!!

Lifesong for Orphans gave us the opportunity to do a Both Hands project to serve a widow and raise funds for our adoption expenses. Please check out the video recap of our day! We highly recommend applying for a Both Hands project to any family in the process of adopting!!

If you would like to support our adoption, there are instructions at the end of our Both Hands video. You can make a tax-deductible donation to our adoption through Lifesong.

Or you can purchase one of our Adoption Fundraising shirts by emailing me @ and telling me what size shirt you'd like!
{Sorry, Smalls are all SOLD OUT.}

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Jamie for letting me "crash" her blog today! I hope you will join us in praying! If you'd like to follow our adoption journey as we wait to bring our 2 children home from the Congo, you can check in on us at!!

In Christ,

PS: If you're a Christian and have never read Russell Moore's book "Adopted for Life," go get it right now!! Seriously, it is awesome! It rocked my world. =) Oh, and while you're at it grab David Platt's "Radical".

Thanks Bethany for sharing your story! 
I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for your family 
in growing it with two precious children :)

PS- I own their shirt in Navy and love it 
(it's so comfy & supports a great cause)!!

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