About Me

Hey there! I'm Jamie!

Random Facts about Me:
1. I am an Army brat! 9 total moves: 2 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 2 high schools.
2. I went to the University of Kentucky. GO WILDCATS!!
3. I enjoy donating my hair (just chopped it for the 3rd time!)
4. I make all types of art. It's fun to be creative.
5. I like to eat my mac-n-cheese with ketchup.
6. Have a younger brother (by 2 years) and sister (by 10 years)
7. Can always watch an episode of FRIENDS
8. FACT: My husband cooks better than I do!!
9. I enjoy reading, so much so, I usually finish a book in a day (or several hours).
10. Secretly like watching PLL and Keeping up with the Kardashians
11. I love Harry Potter (the books, but the movies as well)
12. I like sushi.
13. My husband's job had us move every 6 mos for 2 yrs, but now we are in the holy city.
14. Used to really be into punk rock (music & dress) in high school.
15. I have a B.S. in Family & Consumer Sciences
16. Planned my entire wedding, helped with my SIL's wedding, and a bar mitzvah.....
17. My hubs and I dated long distance for almost 4 years (our engagement was 4 months)! :)
18. When I go to the movies, I stash candy & a drink in my purse. Every time.
19. I enjoy photography (Nikon & the iPhone kind)
20. Our puppy Beaux is the best dog there ever was :)

*View my Bridal pictures
*Our Wedding @ my BFF's blog!!!
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