Friday, December 23, 2011

Remake 4 Christmas Edition {Pinterest}

It's already almost the end of December and I have yet to post about my latest accomplishments!! The entire list is a mix of Christmas ideas/gifts and Pinterest projects, so
here goes:

1. Eggplant***
Eggplant is not an easy vegetable to work with. Ever since having this dish over in East Asia, I've been craving it. I think I finally found a recipe I like.....
*Nothing like the authentic :)

2. Blog Button (with drop box)****
I took Web Design for two electives in high school where I learned basic HTML, but I hardly remember anything I learned! Haha! I've been meaning to make a new Etsy banner for my shop (now accomplished), and thought I'd start out with a blog button first. 
*As long as you follow the instructions, you can do it (there are a lot of steps though)!

3. Fabric Flowers**
These were definitely harder than I thought to make. I switched the directions and did the wrong stitch lengths and had to start over. 
*I liked the flowers better when the length was cut in half.

4. Gift Bag****
What a great way to repurpose wrapping paper! I bent in the center so I could fold it up to store. Later I added handles from a Trader Joe's paper shopping bag.
*Make sure it's pretty heavy duty/thick enough to withstand weight

5. Tinsel & Ornament Wreath****
Such a fun, vintage twist on the usual Christmas wreath!
*I technically didn't really follow a tutorial. I had bought the tinsel wreath last year in the Target One Spot and then hot glued ornaments all around in green, silver, & red!

6. Tile Coasters*****
I purchased 6 basic white tiles at Lowes (16 cents each). Chose coordinating scrapbook papers and cut to size. Use Mod Podge to adhere to tile and then coat with too (I used Matte) and then spray with a sealer (I used Clear Valspar Matte). Hot glue cork to the bottom. Ta-Da! 
*I made these for every single woman in my family. That totals to 8 sets of coasters!! 

7. Puppy Chow**
My mom has a peanut allergy, so we never made puppy chow in our lineup of Christmas cookies. We decided to make some last night and split it up into 8 sandwich bags to give/portion control
*Didn't do the hazelnut step in this recipe and mixed Nutella with some Peanut Butter

[As always: the Pin & the Board]

#4 from Gift Wrap
#7 from Sweet Tooth

Hope everyone has a merry Christmas Eve!!! :)
and a wonderful holiday season!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Little Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving with both of our families together. Actually, every year Matt's parents host a large friends & family lunch for anyone who wants to come (his dad is a pastor). There are usually at least 30+ people every year!! :)

This year was the first time we fried a turkey. It was injected on 
one side with cajun seasonings and the other side with lemon garlic.

After the food had been demolished

My plate. I love the sweet potato casserole!

The whole gang!

My grandparents (dad's side)

Matt's grandma & my grandma

My brother, myself, and my sister K

My family

After Thanksgiving, it's tradition at the Pepin house to get a real tree. 
We decorate it all together while listening to Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas music!

The Pepin family (minus Mark who lives in CA)

Hope y'all had a very happy Thanksgiving full of the many blessings that He has given!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Share with Shutterfly

This year we ordered our Christmas cards thru Shutterfly again! :) Our dear friend Elisa took some photos of us that I used for both of our cards. With winning a code for 25 free cards and free shipping- it was a good deal! & I wanted to share one of them with y'all!!

Such Good Cheer Holiday Card
Turn your family photos into holiday cards this season.
View the entire collection of cards.
Share yours and receive a $10 Gift Certificate

Friday, December 16, 2011

Celebrating Sandy

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I attended a shower along with my mom, grandma & mother-in-law for Sandy. We played a few games, ate some food, and enjoyed the gift opening banter. {Sandy is marrying Matt's younger brother Mark at the end of December}


Before gift opening, Sandy had to answer questions correctly that Mark had previously answered. I think she got only 1 or 2 questions wrong (I definitely got several wrong at my own shower-HA)!!

Some of the best facial expressions ever :)

There's a funny story behind this shot!

With her mom and new mama

Sandy's mom & the Pepin ladies (missing L)

We had a good time showering Sandy with love & presents!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Honor

My younger sister was asked to attend the Marine Corps Birthday Ball by one of her best friends from home. He is a freshman at the Citadel and was invited (from what I hear it's an honor to be asked as a Knob) to attend. 

So, my parents and K came down to stay for Saturday & Sunday the first weekend of November. We hung out and then I helped K get ready by doing her nails, hair, and makeup :) 
We drove downtown and took some pictures of them around the grounds of the Citadel and 
then took them to the Ball (freshman aren't allowed a car). 

It was fun to hear about the Marine traditions, the food they ate, and who they sat with when they got back later that night!!

T and K

I love laughing photos

SO serious

We enjoyed having T stay at our place and attend church with us Sunday morning. 
We went to lunch at Red's Ice House and then my mom and I left for North Carolina

While we were gone, everyone hung out at our apartment before taking T back to campus before curfew. Thanks T for taking my little sister to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience. 

{Thankful for honorable friends}

ps- She's growing up too fast! 

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