Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to the Family

This past weekend, Matt and I traveled home for the college Graduation Party of his youngest brother.  Both Mark and his girlfriend Sandra graduated from Clemson on Friday.........

and Saturday they got ENGAGED!!! 

Mark took Sandy to see his childhood fort in the middle of the woods behind the Pepin house. Earlier in the day, he blazed a trail that led to a larger clearing. While us girls distracted her, he went out and set up the proposal spot. He used a small bench for the seating area, and placed pictures of them on the trees surrounding the bench along with a bottle of sparkling cider and a bouquet of flowers. 

There they go (before the graduation party guests had arrived)!
and they're back :)
so Happy!
Dad P
Mama P
Lauren P
Sandy's Mom
& her Dad admiring the ring
The newly engaged couple! Whoo!

Before it was too dark, Mark took us back out into the woods to take some re-enactment shots. 

Great Great-Grandmother's  ring
Our soon-to-be sister
We are very excited and look forward to this season of your lives. 
We love you both!
Enjoy this season and Congratulations!!!

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