Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SixTEEN candles

My precious little sister turned 
(on April 21st- I'm a bit late in the post)
AND- that makes me feel so o-l-d..... It's still hard to believe she is in high school!!! When she was born, we called her our Blessing from heaven :) We are 10 years apart and every year that she gets older, the closer we become..... I love that fact!!

Bridesmaid Luncheon
My Maid of Honor
Please tell me who letters in Varsity XC as a 7th and 8th grader?!
Matt and I were able to be in South Carolina the day before her birthday, so I could spend the day with my family (Matt had a previous engagement with work). K had a soccer game right after school against a local high school. After her game, I went home with my mom to start dinner while K stayed for the other game.
K is #3
We had a lovely dinner and afterwards we had ice cream cake and opened all her gifts! She got the typical girly things: clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc  :)

My dear sister is 
loves Jesus
has a heart for the elderly
loves kids
a good listener
fun to be with
my friend
loves others

and so much more!


  1. what a wonderful post- my sister and I aren't close enough :)

    I love love your blog design, too! Simple and still funky!

  2. Little sisters are the best aren't they!? They definitely grow up too fast :( My little sister is two years younger than me and she was the maid of honor in my wedding too! I'd be lost without her! Glad you get closer each year!


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