Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Matt had to travel to SC for some recruiting at his alma mater in April. We were given the opportunity to take advantage of this by staying downtown at the Inn at USC.
It was SO nice to have a little break before the Easter weekend began. The hotel is located right on campus and is run by students in the business school. If you ever get the chance to visit Columbia, I recommend checking out the Inn :)

[photos taken from my phone]
Here is a short description of the Inn taken from their website:

"The Inn at USC is located in the heart of the University of South Carolina's campus. Our 117-room boutique hotel blends historic splendor with contemporary comforts and amenities. Standing as the welcome center to our South Carolina University hotel is the Black House, a lovingly restored home built in 1910 (which functions as its lobby). Immerse yourself in the history and heritage of the great American South at the Inn at USC. The Inn at USC, along with the Black House, opened its doors in June 2005. In 2006, the renovated house received an award for adaptive re-use by the Historic Columbia Foundation and serves as the welcoming point for guests of the Inn at USC."

Dinner with Allison @ Yo Burrito - i LOVE their Veggie Santa Fe (mmmm!)

We really enjoyed staying there. We previously had the privilege of staying there before on our wedding night, but we didn't have time to enjoy the hotel because we had to leave around 4:30am to make our flight to Mexico! This time around we stayed for two nights and were able to take advantage of their hot breakfasts, library, and being close to downtown.


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