Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Thanks to the men and women who have ever served in the military. Thank you for your sacrifice each and every day. For your families that prayerfully live alongside your journey. To the men and women whom I have met, have known during college or through church, or have never met.....Thank you so much for your selflessness to be willing to serve in the military. I am so grateful to your dedication, bravery, and willingness to be put in the face of danger. For those who have been lost- we miss you, honor you, and remember you today. Thank you for paying the ultimate price for our freedom.
To My Dad who for 21 faithful years served in the US Army. I remember as a kid when you went for Desert Storm and how happy we were for you to come home. I am very proud to be your daughter and for having the experience of growing up an Army brat. I love you.
To My Grandpa who served during WWII in the US Navy. He spent time being away from his family for months at a time. I loved hearing your stories, and I really miss you telling them. Love you always.

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  1. Beautiful friend, You are the best.
    And I'm passing this award on to you :) Enjoy.


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