Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weekend View

I enjoy my iPhone. The camera is pretty decent & I really like the App Instagram (follow along)!!
This past Memorial Day weekend, we spent time in Charleston and at home. We went because Matt had some meetings for we had a 5 day weekend! We are SO so blessed!
Matt and I appreciate any time spent with family, and our soon-to-be sister Sandy (check her blog) came along!! I certainly can't argue with 2 days spent at the beach soaking up the sunshine, grilling out, and a little bit of wedding planning :)

{Enjoying the Charleston Farmer's Market}

{Touring the Charleston Fire Station}


{Breakfast Saturday morning at Hominy Grill with a friend from college, Jenny H}

{Grilling out at P & L's house (our gracious hosts) with Colby girl}


{Friday: Isle of Palms Beach
Saturday: Sullivan's Island Beach}

{Sporting a t-shirt for a friend's adoption journey- purchase one @ their blog!}

{After dinner at Queen Anne's Revenge, Lauren and I took the Triumph for an evening ride home}

......I take a lot of pictures!  LOL :)


  1. What a fun weekend! Cool pics!

  2. ok your pictures are AMAZING. i need to get a better eye and capture things like that! :)

  3. Great pictures! Love the ones of the island :)

  4. love all your pictures! I take tons of pictures also! :) the bird picture is awesome!!


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