Sunday, June 5, 2011


Armed with an extravagant on-line tutorial (although i love SMP), here is how I made mine:

Pack of double-sided design Scrapbook paper or Cardstock
Paper cutter
Pack of brads
Dowels (or Straws)
Hot glue & glue gun
1. Cut your 12"x12" sheet of scrapbook paper or cardstock into 4 equal squares (each will be 6"x6")
If you want smaller pinwheels, cut into thirds (4"x4")

2. Using scissors, start at the corner and cut towards the center. Leave about a 2"inch circle of space.

3. Using the brad, poke a hole into one of the corners and pull it towards the center. 

3. Moving clockwise, pull up the second corner and poke the brad thru the paper so that the first part is on top.

4. Continue to place the corners in the center while pushing the brad through the paper until you have 4 total and you can distinguish the pinwheel.

5. Push the brad through the center, turn over and secure the brad by pushing out the sides.

Ideas for Pinwheels:
-Use a hole punch and string the pinwheels to make a garland.
-Hot glue or tape the pinwheel onto a dowel and stake in a planter (what I did)
- Keep the brad open, take scissors and snip a hole to push through a straw and then secure it so that it can spin. (If made small, it would make having a drink fun for kids!)

See how I used the pinwheels- they're all the rage now!

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