Friday, September 28, 2012

Kentucky is My Land

Matt and I left late Wednesday to start our trek to Lexington for an extended weekend. On the drive there I enjoyed the mountain views and signs of fall. I loved seeing all of the leaves turn colors (they haven't yet in South Carolina).
Kentucky is just so beautiful to me.



We are staying with my aunt and uncle at their "farm" in Nicholasville along with my best friend Haley and her husband. We will have the chance to hang out together and catch up. Matt and I plan to visit some of my (our) favorite spots. On Friday, we are getting together with the boys I used to nanny during college. The oldest is definitely now taller than me! Haley and I will sneak in some time at 'Feather your Nest' antiques and also see the precious children of our dear friend Brooke (after a 6am coffee date at Starbucks)!!! :)

On Saturday, we are having another reunion of sorts as we gather together to celebrate our dear friend Jessica & her husband-to-be Connor's wedding on Saturday in Louisville. I met Jessica towards the end of our freshman year (2003) of college in Bible study, but we really became friends during our sophomore year of college. I can't tell you how much of a blessing she is to me and how the Lord has used her as an example of being genuine and compassionate. Plus, she is one of the funniest people I know (that "everything" just happens to! ex: I mean who gets robbed 3 different times while working at the same bank?!)!!! 

LOVE this girl so much!

Wedding post to come.....

Saturday, September 22, 2012


We have floors!!
The journey getting there was unpredictable and took much longer than we had anticipated!!!
(Oh the joys of home ownership, right??!)

After having the majority of the joists and foundation repaired underneath the house (contingent upon closing), we still needed to level the floors in the kitchen and 3 bedrooms in order to install hardwood floors. Matt's friend and dad came down to help start rip up the kitchen floors. There were multiple layers of nasty laminate, a sign (I have no clue why?), and plenty of rotted wood. yuck.
PS- Isn't that yellow medallion flooring so cool? gross.

Once everything was up, we could get started on putting in the floors!



Needless to say, that's not what happened.
It was very disheartening to get a picture text (see below) from Matt while I was at work with the message that they had to buy supplies to replace 5 joists and new sub-floor due to extensive damage (praise the Lord the home inspection company reimbursed us the cost of our supplies for missing the termite and water damage). Sad day. Only putting us further behind.

So thankful for the guys helping out with our house & one of the nasty old joists

After replacing half of the kitchen floor, it was (finally) time to start putting in the hardwoods! A friend of mine, several years ago, had prayed through our apartment as well as anointed the doorways with oil before we moved in. I wanted to do something similar to ask the Lord to bless our new home.....So, we looked up Bible verses containing the words 'hospitality' and 'home', chose our favorites, and wrote them in between the doorways on the sub-floor. 
Here is one:

The first straight run from the living room to the kitchen   &   The finished hallway

All of the Pepin boys together to finish the bedroom floors 


I took some sweet photos of our puppy while the boys worked

We purchased the flooring on July 21st and it was finished on August 25th.
We spent two weeks living in the Airstream.
We have officially been in the house three weeks.
We have had hot water for only two weeks ;)

Our most recent electric bill is out of this world high.
But He is faithful. He has provided.
and the floors are DONE!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Amanda & Andy's Wedding Weekend

{beautiful} sunrise flight

As most of you know, I spent a week in Michigan to be together with my high school best friends back in July. We traveled from all over (TX, SC, and WA) to celebrate our friend Amanda's marriage!! We had a lot of fun catching up, laughing, crying, going to our favorite places/haunts, getting mani/pedis, and enjoying the festivities for the wedding weekend!!

Tina & Sam getting their nails done

Our favorite summer stop for a cold treat. I adore their pineapple milkshakes!
(Swirly Top has been around since 1948!!!)

After getting our nails done and having lunch at Applebees, we got all dolled up for the rehearsal. We drove 40 minutes north to Port Huron and arrived at the church early to put on the pew bows (the way Amanda says "pew bows" makes me giggle every time). Everyone was on time in order to rehearse. They only went through the ceremony once (wow!) and then it was time to head for dinner!

Amanda & her dad

The bridal party

Inside St. Joseph's

The Rehearsal Dinner was at Quay Brewery which is located in downtown Port Huron. We had the entire back patio all to ourselves. We ate dinner, bridal party gifts and thanks were given, and we had the groom's cake for dessert (the raspberry wheat beer was really tasty and the food was delicious!! definitely recommend the restaurant).

the happy couple with the groom's cake

nothing has changed in over 10 years

We had a sleepover that night just like old times. It was nice to catch up on life.
In the morning, the bridesmaids left to get their hair done, so Tina and I ventured over to Samantha's parents house. However, I accidentally left my dress at Amanda's and Samantha's wonderful boyfriend Nick saved the day by driving me over there to retrieve it. We all got ready and then headed up to arrive early for photos and to help in whatever way we could. The weather could not have been more beautiful!!!! It was a perfect day :)

Sam's bridesmaid bouquet 

I only got a few shots during the ceremony

the beautiful bride!

After the ceremony, we drove over to the bridge (connects Canada & Michigan) to drop
off the girls for bridal party pictures. We then left to get to the reception at Tina's Country House back in New Baltimore/Chesterfield. It was dimly lit and beautiful with all of the candles and mood lights. They had a buffet dinner and an open bar. There were toasts and lots of dancing. The bouquet toss may have gotten a little out of control :)

gorgeous flowers on the head table & the wedding cake

the guest book

Amanda designed the centerpieces and made the table number stakes & a tasty drink

Hmmmm and I definitely have more evidence

love them

congrats y'all!!!

I was also able to spend time with my friend Jenny from Saturday night til Monday :)
 We were best friends from high school youth group. We have
had many adventures together through the past 11 years.
We were able to reconnect and have some good conversations,
do a little shopping, and have a movie night like old times.

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