Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jessica & Connor's Wedding

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Saturday afternoon after lunch, Haley and I drove to Louisville to get ready at the hotel where the wedding reception would be. Adam and Matt would meet us there (they had gone earlier in the day to check out the Bourbon Trail). The boys made it just in time to change into their suits (in the car) before the ceremony!

   old mix CDs, windows down, laughter, & singing at the top of our lungs 
(to this song) along the beautiful KY countryside

Jessica & Connor's Wedding
September 29, 2012

at the ceremony

The reception was absolutely beautiful!!

us girls with the new Mr. & Mr.s

College roomies forever

It was SO fun to catch up with friends 

Jessica, you were such a beautiful bride and
we couldn't be happier to now have Connor "in the family"!!
We pray that the Lord would richly bless
your marriage :) Congrats y'all!!!! 

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