Friday, October 19, 2012

Guest Post: Jessica from Happy Girls

Hey y'all! 
I'd like to introduce a friend of mine from college today here on the blog for a lil guest post!
Jessica and I shared the same major at UK and even had a few classes together over the years! She has a sweet husband, a large dog, and a precious new baby boy!!! Her blog is super cute and full of photos (which I love). She blogs about being a wife, a new mom, her new job with Rodan & Fields, home decor, and much much MORE.
The title to her blog is none other than an Audrey Hepburn quote :) Enjoy....

My name is Jessica and I blog at

Since Jamie is in the process of fixing up her gorgeous new house,
 I thought I'd share something I like to do in our home decorating.
We really like to have pieces in our home that have special 
meaning or a cool story behind them.

We have our initials throughout the house (Joey and Jessica, so same initials!) and these here in our living room and bedroom were also used as decorations at our wedding!

These two prints I picked up at a small frame shop in my hometown.  The top left is a print of the bridge in my hometown, and the bottom right is from the restaurant of a hotel that used to be downtown. I also have always had the tradition of putting a horseshoe above the door in every place I've lived since college, and here it is above our front door.  
Horseshoes are supposed to = good luck!

I love the story behind this ship painting.  It is actually a paint by numbers and when my grandparents were first married they painted this for fun.  How times have changed ;)

I love these frames hanging on the left.  At our wedding we wrote our own vows (check back to my blog soon to read them).  The pictures on the right are of us each saying them to each other.  On our wedding day we wrote them in a little blue book to use for "something blue."  Last year on Valentine's Day, I decided I wanted to have them on display,
so we each wrote them out again and framed them.

My husband is what I call a "plant hoarder."
And I would never admit this to him, because it would make him think he should go out
and buy more plants, but they do make the house warmer.

I know no matter where we live, these owls will always go with us.  When I was in college, Joey found these at the Peddlers Mall in Danville and bought them for me.  When I moved apartments that year they got packed up and put into storage.  A year later Joey was helping me move and we were going through boxes, and he found these.  
He pretended to be so offended that I had packed them up and forgotten about them.  
So now they live on our key rack and I know we'll never get rid of them!

Another piece in our home that might not be the "prettiest" thing we own, but I don't think we'll ever get rid of it.  Joey painted this for me for my 21st birthday.  
I like it because I like things that are in someone's handwriting
 and also because it is the lyrics to our song, "Until You" by Dave Barnes.

My dad's side of the family is super artistic and creative,
and this print was given to us as a wedding gift from my cousin, Morgan.
She has even had her prints for sale at Urban Outfitters, which I think is so cool!

These prints are hanging in our bathroom.  
The left is of our Bassett Hound, Blue, and the bottom right is of our St. Bernard, Chauncey.  
To make it even better, they were painted by one of our friends!

Hopefully these will give some inspiration!
Thanks for having me, Jamie!

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