Sunday, July 29, 2012


It's fun to see the transition of our house over the past month. The entire house needed foundation repair and the joists replaced, which is a lot of work to be structurally sound. Matt and I close on Tuesday and we couldn't be more excited to move into our HOME!!

Here are some pictures......
I only took them of the living room to compare the differences by week:

1. All you can see is the crawl space underneath
2. The new joists are up and the blocks are secure
3. Water vapor cover is down and the insulation wires are ready for insulation
4. Everything's finished and sub floor is in place

All the gross old boards

Can't wait to update y'all on the hardwood floors we will be putting in sometime next week!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Michigan 4th

I can't even begin to explain to you how lovely Michigan summers are. It's pretty equivalent to the South's spring weather: highs of 80's & 90's and low's of 60's & 70's with plenty of sunshine. For my last two years of high school, my family lived on Selfridge ANGB which is right on Lake St. Clair. We loved having neighborhood block parties and watching the fireworks from the lawn. 

This year I had the chance to be up there again for the 4th of July. Along with my friend Amanda, her fiance Andrew, and her sister Kristina, we drove over to St. Clair Shores to watch the fireworks. People watching is always fun to do while waiting for nightfall ;)

beautiful water

Andy & Amanda

Amanda, Me, & Kristina

The moon was crazy orange/red and super low in the sky at 9pm

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ben's Bar Mitzvah

I was given the opportunity to put together the decorations for my first ever paid event (back in May) !!! :) Because of the decor photos from my brother & sister in law's wedding, I was contacted about doing the same for a bar mitzvah party. I'd never been to one before and was definitely in for a fun experience!! 

My parents, sister, and in-laws were also invited to join in the celebration. 
We enjoyed our first Hora along with lots of singing and dancing!
It was apparent that everyone had a wonderful time!

Welcome to Ben's Bar Mitzvah!

The guest book was a Virginia Tech helmet!!!

The water bottle favors and the Welcome Table

 A few of the centerpieces

They had all sorts of ice cream in a freezer for later in the evening :)

 Pawley's Front Porch catered the event.....
They had amazing fish tacos, fried pickles, chips & queso, fruit & veggie trays, 
mini hamburgers, sweet potato fries, and more!

Guests enjoying the food, drinks, music, and atmosphere!

The Mighty McFly (80's cover band)

K and my father-in-law dancing

Hubs was such a wonderful help!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Memory Lane

This year, I will be spending July 3rd-9th in Michigan with my best friends from high school. 
The four of us have not been together since 2008! 
We will be celebrating our dear friend Amanda who is getting married!! :)

Amanda, Samantha, Tina, & I

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!! 

                                                               Source: via Jamie on Pinterest

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