Thursday, November 1, 2012

Is it really November?!

Last night was Halloween. We had ONE trick or treater come to our door. ONE!
I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing? Thankfully, we live in a very quiet neighborhood and all of our surrounding neighbors are older than us (from late 40's to late 80's) and all but one without kids at home. I would have thought that being in an older neighborhood meant that kids loved to trick or treat here to get all the candy, but clearly I was mistaken.
Fortunately, I didn't buy any candy.

Matt and I have been super busy with working on home projects. Almost every day there is something for us to be doing, or at least every weekend. We have finally unpacked every box and I am just now (currently taking a break from) finishing up our last room to put away (the office). There is still much work to be done and the list goes on and on, but we are enjoying the process!!!

A few snippets from life:

Had our 5 year anniversary of being together on October 7th :)
We celebrated with some Starbucks treats after church

I made some killer Bourbon Punch for football Game Day 

4 cans of Ale-8-One (or you can use Ginger Ale)
3 Tbsp of Bourbon (I used Knob Creek)
1 cup of OJ
1 Tbsp of lemon juice
lots of ice & stir to mix

Front Porch pumpkins and mums 
Lowes always has plants on clearance. Got a huge tub of mums (orig. 19.99) for $7!

We had our first successful yard sale
This was actually at the end when we tore it all down to take to Goodwill. 

Sun & Sunflowers around the house
 One thing I love about Trader Joe's is their cheap flowers. Bunch of 6 for $3.99

Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall season. The weather is gorgeous here in Charleston. Except not everyone is enjoying warm, crisp air, sunshine, and hot apple cider...... my prayers are with all those affected by Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast. Have y'all seen the reports and photos? Crazy.

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