Friday, December 23, 2011

Remake 4 Christmas Edition {Pinterest}

It's already almost the end of December and I have yet to post about my latest accomplishments!! The entire list is a mix of Christmas ideas/gifts and Pinterest projects, so
here goes:

1. Eggplant***
Eggplant is not an easy vegetable to work with. Ever since having this dish over in East Asia, I've been craving it. I think I finally found a recipe I like.....
*Nothing like the authentic :)

2. Blog Button (with drop box)****
I took Web Design for two electives in high school where I learned basic HTML, but I hardly remember anything I learned! Haha! I've been meaning to make a new Etsy banner for my shop (now accomplished), and thought I'd start out with a blog button first. 
*As long as you follow the instructions, you can do it (there are a lot of steps though)!

3. Fabric Flowers**
These were definitely harder than I thought to make. I switched the directions and did the wrong stitch lengths and had to start over. 
*I liked the flowers better when the length was cut in half.

4. Gift Bag****
What a great way to repurpose wrapping paper! I bent in the center so I could fold it up to store. Later I added handles from a Trader Joe's paper shopping bag.
*Make sure it's pretty heavy duty/thick enough to withstand weight

5. Tinsel & Ornament Wreath****
Such a fun, vintage twist on the usual Christmas wreath!
*I technically didn't really follow a tutorial. I had bought the tinsel wreath last year in the Target One Spot and then hot glued ornaments all around in green, silver, & red!

6. Tile Coasters*****
I purchased 6 basic white tiles at Lowes (16 cents each). Chose coordinating scrapbook papers and cut to size. Use Mod Podge to adhere to tile and then coat with too (I used Matte) and then spray with a sealer (I used Clear Valspar Matte). Hot glue cork to the bottom. Ta-Da! 
*I made these for every single woman in my family. That totals to 8 sets of coasters!! 

7. Puppy Chow**
My mom has a peanut allergy, so we never made puppy chow in our lineup of Christmas cookies. We decided to make some last night and split it up into 8 sandwich bags to give/portion control
*Didn't do the hazelnut step in this recipe and mixed Nutella with some Peanut Butter

[As always: the Pin & the Board]

#4 from Gift Wrap
#7 from Sweet Tooth

Hope everyone has a merry Christmas Eve!!! :)
and a wonderful holiday season!


  1. Love those coasters!! What a fun winter project!

  2. Your coasters look great! I just love that idea! I shared your blog on Twitter : )

    Happy New Year Jamie!


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