Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bloggin' Blues

I have been so out of the loop! 
Despite moving into our new place two weekends ago, it's been a little hard for me to find the energy and enthusiasm to blog. I have the time to, but I'm not sure what to talk about or I have too many things to talk about. And I am behind in several posts....

So to catch myself up quickly, I'm going to make a list of what it's been like the past several weeks {in no particular order} :

1. I still have boxes of clothes to put away. Which is very unlike me.....

2. I spent all of last week in Kentucky watching two precious boys (who I babysat during college and were in our wedding)

3. While in the beautiful Bluegrass State, I was able to catch up with friends, get some new UK gear, eat and shop at my favorite places

4. I'm starting to have a love & hate relationship with Pinterest. I know I'm creative and I can do so many things- it's just getting somewhat overwhelming.

5. I need to find a job! Or do I? I feel major guilt about not working. I dream about one day owning a store or making my handmade business flourish. I despise feeling like I still "don't know what I want to be when I grow up"!! ......In other news, I made my 2nd Etsy sale :)

6. After hanging out with family, we came home Sunday to spend Labor Day at home.

7. I've made these Halfway to Heaven cookies two weeks in a row- SO good!
Recipe from Broma Bakery

8. Was able to watch my sister's first cross country race :)

9. Love having our sweet boy Beaux pup with us again

10. Enjoyed a rain-soaked concert with Paul & Lauren- Hootie & the Blowfish/Sister Hazel

11. Made around 14 freezer meals with my SIL Lauren and it wasn't as intimidating as I  thought it would be

12. Random crafts & projects I've worked on/took pictures of

13. I enjoy having a new Trader Joe's close by again

14. The new Coca Cola Freestyle machine is amazing. Regular coke with Lime. YUM.

15. My hair is SO long and I need to make an appointment....anyone know where I can get a free cut in the Charleston area for donating it?

*16. I've officially hit the ONE YEAR mark in blogging! Whoop!
And in honor of this said milestone, I will be having a little GIVEAWAY! I'll be putting together a little box of goodies to mail to one lucky winner! Stay tuned for the details....
{Coming Soon!}


  1. i feel ya sista. i feel dumb for being so behind.... as if I don't have an excuse or something, so i just avoid it all together. And you need to post those projects! I had no idea you made them. I brought a bleach pen back with me to try the whole shirt thing. I'm loving the UK garb you acquired. I'd love an update from Lex. Call me if you think about it... I might answer. Miss you and love you.

  2. Hooray for new UK gear! I am so pumped for bball season coming up soon! I am been a blogging bum too lately, I think it's allowed! :-)

  3. Yes, hooray for fun KY items... Gotta love that state (says the Marshall Co, KY girl...).

    And ok... you might have to do a little blog entry on freezer cooking... I'm so fascinated by it and have been tempted to try it for a while now!

    Happy one year!


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