Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week View #7 {Reunion}

Considering this occurred in the month of July, I would say that it is way past due. 
But I would hate to leave it out.

After having Lucy pup for almost a year, her parents had returned for several weeks from living across the globe. So, I took her to the beautiful state of Tennessee to be reunited with her mom & dad (story on Haley's blog)!! We drove through the backroads of North Carolina in the (crazy abnormal) cool, beautiful weather. Seriously, when is it 80 degrees in the South- in the beginning of July?!  

Reunited and it feels so good :)


Anyhow, we had a few days of crafting (for our friend Brooke's baby shower & the blog swap post), eating Moto's Japanese, taking pictures, late night swims, and spending the day on Watauga Lake.

Yummy food & loving on Lucy

A few of the crafts we made

Discovered these Reader's Digest gems

Even thought it was too short a time together, it still was sweet.
I already miss her incredibly as she and her husband are back in East
Asia for another year! I am so blessed to have great friends!

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  1. loveloveloved my time with you and will forever be so grateful for the way you served us by loving on Lucy while we were gone! miss you terribly already!!!! love you!
    {drooling over that motos btw}


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