Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week View #8 {Getting Lucky in Kentucky}

At the end of July, Matt and I drove a mere nine hours to 
Lexington to purchase a car. We got in really late Friday and left super 
early Monday morning (he was on 2nd shift). Even though we had two full
days, it wasn't enough time!!

My Alma Mater

Went to my friend Brooke's baby shower on Saturday morning

Then we had a late snack at Ramsey's with my friends Ryan & Lesli
and got to spend some more time with their 2 precious children


Back at my auntie & uncle's house we 
went to visit Ellie May

Auntie giving Matt a haircut on the back porch

With this lovely view

After going to see the last Harry Potter movie on Sunday after church, 
we met up with these sweet friends for dinner at Joe B's :)
Me, Jessica, & Katie

We had a wonderful (extremely too short of a) weekend in Lexington
and now finally.....what we went for.....

We had endured having 2 car buying "fiascos", many car problems, and even only surviving with one car for a time....So, we were incredibly joyful to be able to purchase a "new" Toyota 4Runner after selling the others. I am very grateful for the means and provision to have a cool ride ;) We love it and it's capabilites (since we move so much AND have a large dog)!!
And we love any chance to get to KY!

*and I've finally caught up on my late blog posts! yay!

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my Baklava. I love it to be gooey and dripping w/ the sweet nectar too.
    BTW - Congrats on the new car! I love your photos too...we used to drive through KY every year on our way to visit the grandparents in OH. Loved the beautiful countryside. :)
    Happy Monday!


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