Friday, July 8, 2011

i HEART Lucy

You may have seen several pictures of this girl throughout my blog....

She is a sweet, fun-loving (sometimes naughty) pup :)
to which Matt and I have been her foster parents this past year.
This coming weekend I am reuniting her with her family & I know that they are so excited to see her!!
(and I am excited to see them!)

The Joys of Life with Lucy:

1. She loves to nap- for a majority of the day. She has (must have) very vivid dreams that include barking, tail wagging, and twitching- it truly is hysterical to watch sometimes!

2. I know when UPS is coming a good 5-10 minutes before the UPS truck actually drives by. I don't know what it is about that truck..... not the USPS, not FedEx, not noisy drivers....only UPS :)

3. During any walk or once evening comes, she is constantly on the prowl for any squirrel, rabbit, or cat! watch out!

[this picture on the R makes me laugh every time]

4. She is not a big fan of: loud noises, baths (or water in general), thunderstorms

5. She loves: treats, belly rubs, walks (definitely knows this word!), ear scratches, falling asleep while sitting upright, car rides, warm fires, & finding ways to escape ;)

so warm & cozy

the little houdini

whoops, i blinked! 

having to endure costumes

6. Beaux (Matt's dog) and Lucy are best friends. No really- they are bffs. i have pictures to prove it!

this melts my heart and makes me laugh 
because Beaux is desperately trying to fit onto the bed

they have traveled many times together

Lucy will sit and wait until Beaux moves from the bed

and then sneaks onto it once he gets up- it's so funny

It's been a very fun, busy, and adventuresome year for our family and having Lucy as an addition to that has been great. I hope that she has enjoyed being with us as we have enjoyed and learned a lot from having her. We will miss your big brown eyes and love. And we hope to get the bffs together again someday soon :) 

go cats!

 Auntie Jamie and Uncle Matt


  1. Dogs are the best aren't they? Cooper drives me crazy sometimes too, but I can't imagine life without him! Somedays I wish I was a everyday that I have to work ;-)

  2. I know I'm not helping the situation, but my heart is breaking just from reading this post that you have to say good-bye to her. She is precious....that face! Is Beaux your dog? He is gorgeous, as well! We are pooch lovers here in this family as well and I recently told my husband that when we retire I want to move to a place with some land and have a dachshund rescue although I don't think I'd be able to part with any of them. ;-( You're wonderful to have fostered her and I KNOW she will miss the two of you! Hugs!


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