Thursday, July 14, 2011

It All Ends at Midnight


what am I talking about?

this Friday is the end
(10 years)


so go ahead and make fun now.......

i have to admit, when these books first came out when i was in high school, i made fun of my friends (they would stand in line to purchase the books at midnight when they came out)!
During my junior year of college, i picked up the first book to read because the boys i nannied for had gotten the boxed set for Christmas. The first one was good and i went on to the second shortly after. i was soon hooked. As we read thru the books, we also started watching movies 1-5 together.

We saw The Half-Blood Prince (#6) together the day it came out
We saw The Deathly Hallows  (#7) Part I

and this coming weekend we are going to see Part II together! :)
i. can't. wait.

With gearing up for the final movie, i'm not sure how to feel...... i know i'll probably cry.....because it will all be over! the books are well-written, unexpected, entertaining, funny, and clever (and the ending is great)!! i don't care what anyone else thinks, these books rock!! the movies are great too and they progress in quality and appeal thru the years.

if i could i would so throw a party (all images via Pinterest):

Mail out these fun invitations


Serve Butterbeer,
Cauldron CakesButterbeer Cupcakes, & other themed foods




Hand out Goody bags when you leave

and some extra eye candy:

The actors then & now



and yes, i do want to visit Universal Studios just to go to Harry Potter world ;)


  1. You're not alone! I started reading the books at the beginning of I'm definitely late on the bandwagon...but I love all things HP! I already have my tickets for tomorrow night...and I know I'm gonna need tissue...oh, and I want to go to Universal for that very reason, too!!

  2. We are going to the midnight showing tonight. My husband is quite obsessed and I have enjoyed the movies I have seen. I wish you could have that party, it would be so much fun!!


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