Monday, August 30, 2010

i HEART Etsy

Awesome necklace- my favorite colors!
If you haven't heard of the wonderfully amazing website Etsy, then you're in for a treat! It's an eBay or Amazon for the crafty & homemade goods. My Dad told me about the website when I was in college and suggested I start my own "shop". I have contemplated this for a few years, and really would love to sell. But, I've always thought that the crafts that I really love to make might become annoying (to make) if I am constantly making them over and over. Maybe I can do several different little crafts.......We shall see......

Love the cool, green pillow
Here are some super cute items that I saw today on Etsy:

how cute is this teapot? 

precious ringbearer pillow

fun fall colored napkins

AND I am So excited for the new season of Modern Family! That show is so hysterical and makes me laugh every single time! Here is a short little clip to gear up for the premiere in September:

They're Emmy Winners! and here is the funny clip:  George in the family

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