Wednesday, September 1, 2010

5 Reasons I like Fall

5. Colors:     I love all of the gorgeous colors! The shades of green, orange, yellow, red, purple, and brown. Nail polish colors are also really in with the seasons :) Can you tell which color I like?

4. Fashion:    I really enjoy wearing jeans (that favorite go-to pair we all have), sweaters, leggings, moccasins, ballet flats, boots (yes even UGGs), tunics (love them especially when they're 3quarter length sleeves), plaid shirts, light scarves, hats, skirts, dresses, vests, sweatshirts, tights, & more! I enjoy it all! 
Like these cute items found @ Old Navy & Piperlime......



3. Outdoors:     Long walks in the woods, hiking, carving a jack-o-lantern, going to the Farmer's Market, the changing color of the leaves, bike rides, taking the dogs out for a stroll, the smell of freshly cut grass, jumping into piles of leaves, square dancing, horses, Keeneland, football games.....


2. Food:     Hot apple cider, Starbucks pumpkin spice mochas, fresh  pumpkin pie,  pumpkin muffins, candy corn and candy pumpkins, fried green tomatoes, ears of (Indiana) corn, apples,  squash, zucchini, & everything else tasty

*I'll save the #1 reason for tomorrow!

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