Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wedding Crafts: Photo Booth & Direction Sign

One of the first projects that Matt and I worked on were the direction sign and photo booth. The direction pole had arrows that had the names of different places Matt & I had traveled to/been to together/or went to with our families. We included the distance of each place from the "hometown" at the top.

Matt individually cut the arrows, then my sister and I painted them and the names of each city.

I got the fun IDEA from this fun blog!

The photo booth was a huge board that Matt cut out a hole to place a picture frame in which people could peek thru. The frame I used was one I had to purchase at Feather Your Nest because I had accidentally knocked it off a chair it was propped up on (I actually had 2 of them, but I gave one away). It was originally a dark gold and I spray painted it black. Matt glued the frame inside the booth after I painted random vine  and bubble designs all over it.

Here they are at the wedding:


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