Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding Crafts: Pom Poms

I wanted to share some of the crafts that I made for the wedding! So here goes...........
I wanted the ceremony site to be decorated very simply. We had one large flower centerpiece surrounded by 2 large ferns and 2 small ferns. There were also 2 larger Boston ferns near the stairs.

For the aisle markers I decided (thanks H for the suggestion!) to make tissue paper pom-poms. I used Martha Stewart's Online DIY (which can be found here). They are SUPER easy to make and really cute to hang for any occasion! A friend of mine made lots of them to decorate at her own wedding and I really enjoyed them!!
The pom-poms at Lauren & Kyle's wedding August 2008

How to make the pom-poms:

1.  I put together 10 (instead of 8) sheets of tissue paper together and cut it in half so the poms would be a smaller size. You can cut in thirds if you want them even smaller....
2. Hold the sheets together and fold them accordion style back and forth (like making a paper fan). Make sure you crease each fold well.
3. Take floral wire (or really strong string) and place it in the center of the folds and twist/tie it together tightly. 

4. Trim the ends of the paper however you want: round or pointed (arrow-like).
5. Place the folds where you can see all of them and pull the end corners toward the center. Then separate each sheet individually to give the pom-pom it's shape.
6. And ta-da! The pom-pom is finished! Use fishing line (or whatever string you want) and tie it around the center for hanging.

The 8 small white ones in the front were the ones that I made for the Aisle Markers:

 They would be great decorations for a birthday party, shower, or just for fun!!

Last, but not least, today marks the one month anniversary of marriage to my wonderful husband!!!
I love you dear!


  1. I can't believe it's already been a month (I know the most cliche saying ever- but it's true). I have to take a little credit for the pom pom's :) They are rather fantastic and looked amazing. Why didn't we find these fun, CHEAP things 3 1/2 year ago when we were planning mine??

  2. super cute!i sent the link to a friend :)


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