Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wedding Crafts: Silly Faces

As I'm sure you've noticed.....
All of my ideas were inspired from other weddings, friend's weddings, blogs, and DIY projects. Yet, I made my own little alterations in color and implementation with this one :)

I had seen lip and mustache props done in several different ways that were used for a photobooth, wedding and engagement photos, but the one I chose in the end I took from The Wedding Chicks. You should check them out, they have really cool stuff and free things!!

The instructions can be found here.

(The clay and little dowels I bought at Hobby Lobby. The mustaches I made using a brown clay.) 

1. Roll the clay into a ball so its moldable/pliable.
2. Shape the clay as to how you want it. (I did a couple different mustache looks and one lip look)
3. Bake the clay shapes according to the instructions on the back of the wrapper.
4. Once they're baked, take the dowel and a hot glue gun and attach them together.

Photos of the silly face props being used at the reception:


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  1. Cutest wedding idea EVER! Loved it. I have to say those 2 girls at the bottom are quite stunning ;)


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