Tuesday, April 5, 2011

EA love {#2}

I absolutely love the people of East Asia.
They are just the sweetest. I think that the region I was in has some of the friendliest people!!

Whenever you walk by, most people like to stop and stare (not in a mean way). Some may even take your picture (and be obvious about it). Or ask to be in a picture with you (my best friend and I were asked to be in several pictures while walking around the ancient city)!
So whenever you take a picture, throw up the peace sign ("V" for Victory)  

 say "Qiezi" (Chee-et-sa.....sounds like "Cheese" BUT means Eggplant).

 or count to 3 (Yi, Er, San!)

Kids love to say "hello" or "hi" when they walk past, and then they giggle or laugh because you respond back!

Such wonderful people.....
and precious children.......

i love.

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