Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is Easter?

Please take some time to read through this link below:

Figuring out the Cross-Centered Life by Ann Voskamp

have you read it yet?

After subscribing to A Holy Experience about a month or two ago, I had just been briefly reading or perusing through each post. They seemed so long and I didn't have the "time".

The past few days have been very stressful. My mind and heart have been in turmoil and I craved the time to spend in reflection and prayer. I hadn't set aside any time since the past Saturday. But, what did I do?
Instead, I turned on the television and opened my computer to check my email and look at my Reader for new blog posts.....

as I scrolled down, I came across this post.
And I read it.

and I cried.
I mean tears flowing down, throat closing up, CRIED.
I cried for the truth of it all, the hope and love that I have for my brother.....For my family. For my husband. For my friends. For the nation. For the world.....For what?

To know the Saviour of the Universe in a personal loving relationship. With this Sunday being Easter, I am reminded of that time so long ago when I was baptized as a profession of my faith. In a swimming pool at the age of 8, I shared the reason I had come to belong to Christ.

"That for a Christian, identity isn't so much about figuring out who he is---- but accepting Whose he is.

That Christians are the walking dead, fully-- and only-- ALIVE in Christ.

For that is what the Easter people really are: Rotting cadavers to the flesh, resurrected Christs in the faith"

And reading that brought me back to the sacred beauty of Christ's death and resurrection. The reason why we celebrate Easter.

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