Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yesterday, Matt & I celebrated 6 months of marriage!!! I can't believe it!

& Matt's brother and his wife celebrated their 2nd wedding Anniversary!!! (2.7.09)

It's funny, I never realized while planning that we would both be married on the 7th :) I think that's a special little fact. 

Thought I'd display some of the cutest decorations and inspirations! 

This beautiful doll house that had a make-over

Changing table turned into a tv stand

Creating a chalkboard frame by using glass


Newspaper bowl

Paper flowers

Allora Handmade mini necklace

Giveaway @ Blessed Little Nest of
In His Grace


  1. Congrats on six months of marriage, my husband and I just celebrate 8 months on the 5th!

  2. Time flies by when you're happily married, doesn't it?! Savor this. Before you know it you'll be celebrating your 8th anniversary (we do in April), have 3 little ones running around (or however many you decide on), and wonder where the time went. Congrats!

    Oh, by the way.Thank you for the featuring my TV stand. :-)


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