Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Calla Lily Wreath

I fell in love with this the moment I saw it! I plan on making a couple of these in the future, but I made one last week and love how it turned out! I took the idea from Positively Splendid's blog!
I didn't follow every single step- I used a different wire for the center and didn't paint the leaves.

Wreath (I used a grapevine one)
Spray paint (I used Krylon Ivy Leaf)
Spray Adhesive
Floral Wire
Hot Glue
Fabric scraps

To make the calla lilies:
1. Cut burlap into wide teardrop shapes about 5 inches in length
2. Trace the burlap onto a piece of the scrap fabric and cut 1/2 inch inside the border. I didn't use an invisible pen or anything like that.
3. Spray the adhesive onto the back of the fabric and smooth it onto its corresponding burlap piece.
4. Fold and crease the tops of each calla lily to form a  sort of collar.

To make the pistils/stems:
1. Take floral stem wire and bend it one inch down from the top.
2. Twist the wire around the bent part so that it forms a small center
3. Hot glue a line down the center of the flower and attach the wire.
4. Fold the right side of the flower toward the center and glue. Do the same with the left side.

To make the leaves:
1. Cut the burlap into basic leaf shapes () Two "C" shapes that are connected.
2. Spray paint the leaves (optional)
Finishing touches:
1. Spray paint the wreath whatever color you desire.
2. Wrap your ribbon around the wreath and tie it into a bow.
3. Glue the lilies in clumps however you want them to be arranged on one side or both sides of the wreath.
4. Tie or hot glue sprays of Raffia behind/around the flowers.

Perfect to hang for Spring!

Sorry the last picture if washed out-silly flash......
But I still love how it turned out!

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  1. This looks SO fabulous on my office door right now :)
    Thanks a BILLION!
    Love you!


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