Sunday, November 7, 2010

Color Palette

I love Thanksgiving.
Always have.
I often feel as though retail and some people skip this wonderful holiday for giving thanks and celebrating the beginning of America. Halloween takes over in September and October and then suddenly it's Christmas time! How did Turkey Day get so overlooked?! I love Fall and the colors of the season. I enjoy the way that Thanksgiving brings all of the family together. I enjoy decorating with leaves, pumpkins, gourds, and the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.
And I love the food.

However, this year I've decided what colors I want to decorate with for Christmas.  I like neutrals a LOT. Matt makes fun of my wardrobe, which consists mostly of black, grey, white, ivory, khaki, navy.........the BASICS. So for Christmas I've planned on definitely using white. Its such a clean, crisp, pure color. I also have plenty of clear glass accents. We received several items from Crate and Barrel candles that will work amazingly for decorating (any season).  I want to make a mantle like this one pictured. I think the colors I want to use for other decorations are the clear items, white, red, green, lime green, silver, gold, and aqua blue.               

I am in LOVE with this fun dish:

Would love to get the 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments too!

Matt wants to get a Christmas tree as soon as we get from our parents home in South Carolina. I usually helped my parents put up the tree about a week before Christmas Day. I know some people that spend their Christmas Eve decorating their tree. What does your family do?

On another note:
I found a sparkle tree tutorial online, WHICH I plan on doing sometime in the near future (the ones I see in stores are so expensive!)....... but fell in love immediately with the framed art and made my own version to put in a frame eventually. It was the easier project to do at the moment :)

Feel free to download, I've put it as a .JPG file :)

Or NOW you can find their version HERE!!!!!!


  1. I love the framed art too! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be printing and framing it!


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