Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i HEART Shutterfly

I've used Shutterfly for a few years now. I was first attracted to their site through my best friend who was tired of paying 20+ cents per print.  Having to sit around for over an hour or more at a print station at Wal-Mart or CVS for all the prints to come out, have the rollers put marks and spots all over the prints, or have to come back the next day to pick them up was tiring......
Finding Shutterfly was a life saver.
Shutterfly is a site where you could upload your pictures and buy plans so that you could get your pictures for 10 cents or less per print!!! What a cheaper alternative this was!!! After
Today, Shutterfly offers so much more than just getting prints! I have made 2 photobooks, a share site, and Christmas cards all thru their site and have loved them all!! Taking the time to just upload photos is pretty easy. You're able to edit, change the color, crop, etc to your own pictures easily too. When making a photobook, they offer tools that will help you put it together quickly and make it look good! I'm still working on making our wedding album into a Shutterfly book!

With Love Chartreuse
They also offer great options for Christmas cards! This is actually the first year I have taken advantage of their free card coupon I got in my email. I loved it so much, I want to get more!!! I want some more cards to be able to write a little message, put a quote or verse, and post pictures from this past year. Definitely would put some pictures from our recent wedding in August, a picture of our dogs, and maybe a recent one on a card!


 These awesome designs of other Christmas Cards:

Or you can make any series of Photo Cards for numerous occasions:

Calendars are a fun idea:

Holiday tags- great for gifts or mail:

.........Now, because I want to pass this along to all my other fellow blog friends and readers....

GET 50 FREE HOLIDAY CARDS (wahoo!!) for Bloggers, learn more here: 

Seriously?! What could be better?? I can't wait to pick out my cards and mail them!!!
Don't you just LOVE getting mail?!

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