Friday, January 13, 2012

Remake 6 M&S Wedding Edition 2 {Pinterest}

I am a lover of details.
I tend to notice the small things that others tend to overlook (not intentionally).
I've always appreciated the minute details of the color palettes, fonts, invitations, programs, shower invites, flowers, etc of any wedding (or party for that matter)!!!
I might be strange to some people, but because of this I tend to photograph certain things more, break down how things were done to recreate myself, and impress upon others the things I find important :)

I hope that you find this true in my blog.

SO, if you missed M&S Wedding Edition 1- GO HERE!! & to continue in the sweet little details of wedding decor........

1. Striped Paper Straws*****
Who doesn't love these?!?! The grey paper straws were perfect for sipping water, coffee, or tea with and they matched the wedding colors!!
*Kikkerland straws (144 for UNDER $6 a box) from Amazon

2. Lanterns & Pom-Poms****
After hanging lanterns over the dance floor, I had a few leftover so I tied them together along with two white pom-poms and hung it (thanks Cindy!) over the Welcome table in the front foyer of the lake house.
*It was a little last minute touch of fun :) & the lanterns were from my wedding-love when I can reuse things!

3. Chalkboard Menus****
I made these beforehand (#2) and then bought little frame stands from the Dollar Tree. They gave "directions" for the guests as to where to place gifts, take a favor, write a piece of advice, build their own s'more, dinner menu, wine menu, and to have a good time!!!
*These can be used over and over

4. "S'More Love" Sign***
Having a S'more table was such a fun idea! There was a firepit at the lake house and it was the cool place to be :) Using burlap, paint, & twine (things I already had), I sewed together this banner to designate the table with chocolate bars, graham crackers, & marshmallows!
*Cute play on words

5. Wooden Cake Stand***
Matt's dad cut down a tree (which was also used for firewood) from their backyard to make the cake plate. It was sanded and sealed for the cake to be placed on. Somehow it didn't make it from the plate to the wooden plate? lol
*Tied in the natural elements of the small wooden pieces and the cake table backdrop frame, plus it was FREE

#1, #2, #3, #4, and #5

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  1. Love all of your adorable details!!! You gorgeous wedding will be featured later this evening at the Tuesday To Do Party!


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