Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Eve with the "B"s

This year things were a little different than normal. Actually, nothing really was normal this year. It was a bit backwards and plus my brother wasn't home for the holidays. We decided to celebrate my family's Christmas on Christmas Eve. After attending the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at church, we came home to eat some yummy chili and open ALL of our gifts!!! We didn't finish until sometime around 11PM. Yup- you heard that right! :) 
Regardless, it was fun and we were so blessed with some awesome gifts! I'm still in awe.......THANK YOU so much for all the lovely things :)


My Grandma's sweet hands
Love this shot from the candlelight service :)

My mom's vintage tinsel tree from her childhood with the changing color wheel

The living room

My mom's awesome decor in the dining room & front foyer

(They're all making fun of me)....Stop taking pictures!

K and I

After divvying up everyone's gifts

Matt was pretty excited about his gifts

We should do this every year!

Yay! Time to get started on making a quilt!

K, Mom, & Grandma enjoying their gifts


After church on Christmas Day, we had lunch with my Aunt & Uncle who came down from Charlotte. We opened stockings and spent some time with them before we had to leave for the Pepin family Christmas get-together. 

My mom, Grandma, and Aunt J

Rosemary Turkey

Aunt J & Uncle J


Every year, K and I do a craft together for her to give to her friends as Christmas presents. Usually we make some sort of ornament :) This year we chose to make cupcake ornaments. While we were making them, I accidentally hot glued all but 2 the wrong way. Oh well- they were still very cute!!!
And we made two batches of the annual Christmas Wreaths (same recipe but so much better than any Rice Krispie Treat)!! They've been a family favorite as long as I can remember!!

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