Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas at the Pepins

After lunch at my parents, we drove over to Matt's parents. His grandparents and aunt and uncle had arrived the day before and everyone was just relaxing.
We had dinner and then opened stockings.
This year, we decided to draw names for one person to get them a "big gift" ($50-100) and everyone else in the family would receive small gifts ($5-10) from you as well....

It was fun to see what people got :) 

Gizmo in her Mrs. Claus outfit
Grandma making the annual Happy Birthday Jesus cake!

Matt finishing up one of Paul's gifts: A shaving brush & soap holder

I found Pixie! (Think Elf on the Shelf) 

Papa & Brian working on a puzzle

What a cheese!

Time to start opening stockings!!

We took a short break in between stockings & gifts

Silly kiddos

One big happy family!

Present opening tradition: everyone opens their first gift and we start from youngest to oldest and then it's a free for all. 

A huge pile of paper, bows, and boxes

ALL Done! Yay! Thanks for all the presents!!

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