Friday, October 28, 2011

Week View #9 {Update}

I haven't done one of the InstaFridays in a LONG while it seems.....
{This is usually a week's view of life, but this time it will be the last 2 months! gasp!}

A lot of LIFE has gone on since my last real update, so be prepared (as always) for lots of photos :)

Matt and I enjoyed Charleston's Restaurant Week in September
We went to Fat Hen and High Cotton- YUM

Matt, Mama Pepin, & I playing with the new Photo Booth "Chipmunk" view
at the Apple Store. Hysterical. We were laughing so hard at ourselves.

My first time out Shrimping

Every morning Beaux goes into our room to sleep in the sunshine :)
Such a sweet boy

So glad that I can call this city as mine (for the moment)

Went fishing with the boys, but we left due to the crazy mosquitos
Still, before the sun set, it was beautiful :)

Went to the Kentucky VS South Carolina football game with a few of our dear friends. 
Sadly, my poor Wildcats endured a beating :(

Matt and I enjoy shopping at our local Asian market
It even has it's own restaurant and the sweet lady said she would cook
Gung Bao Ji Ding for me if I ever wanted it!! MMMM!

Tried out HUSK (best new restaurant 2011- Bon Appetit & Southern Living) for lunch
 with a friend from KY and her friend. We enjoyed good food & shopping!
Dessert was superb and I wanted to steal their wine bottle glasses

Dinner date @ Whole Foods ;)

Went to Sullivan's to watch the sunset and had fun playing in the tide pools.
I've never seen so many starfish and hermit crabs in one place!!

Drove with our brother & sister in law to McClellanville for dinner
@ T.W.'s with our aunt & uncle that were closeby visiting.

Went just the other day to get my craving fix at RITA'S Ice :)
(and that's saying a lot when it's less than 10 min away!)

(This was just last night) Matt, his brother, and their friends went
shrimping last night and came home with over half a large cooler full!!!

So, that's all the catching up from the past two months!!
My life isn't as interesting as the photos appear to be, but 
I've been so blessed with our time here and being closer to family.

Instagram: Jamie Pepin/Lifeasapepin
if you wanna follow my adventures :)

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