Thursday, January 6, 2011


I absolutely loved this one painting I did in college.
As our last project for Elementary Art Ed class, we were given a canvas and told to do whatever we wanted. The only rule was we had to use a photo. I scoured the internet and my own pictures for something to replicate and eventually found "Gold Swirls" by Lisa Kowalski to use. I think it's beautiful.
Here is my version (sorry I don't really have a close up shot of the whole thing)
And there is a wonderful glare from the glass.....

I had it hung in my bedroom for about 3 years. I was proud of this painting.
But, somehow I lost it!! I can't figure out how though :(
When I moved from Nashville to SC last February, I swore I packed it separately and even checked on it. One day I went out to the garage to get something, lifted up the frame it had been in, and it was empty!! What?! Weird.
I guess I'll have to paint another one.

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