Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1st Christmas {with the B's}

I know it's after the New Year, but it's the last Christmas post ;)
Around 2pm on Christmas Day, we headed over to my parents house. (They are the Burkhardts, but we'll call them The B's) We are very grateful that my parents live less than 15 minutes away!! Once we got there, we snacked on Chex mix and Christmas wreaths (that K,Matt, and I made Christmas Eve afternoon).

Matt's 1st Christmas Wreath making
We took pictures before opening presents.
Mom, Dad, & K
Sweet Grandma Milligan

 My brother and his girlfriend

I always enjoy the decorations around the house because my mom always does a wonderful job (I don't know how she does it!). The dining room is usually my favorite.

A middle school craft- can you guess what it's made from?

When everyone gathered in the living room, my mom and I handed out all the gifts. We usually order our little sister to start opening gifts first because she usually has the most :) Everyone takes a turn around the room opening one gift at a time. We're able to reminisce and tell stories or why we thought of the person we bought the gift for. Although, this takes a few hours, it is what I've always done my whole life. I get teased from Matt each year that we take 5-7 hours to open our gifts. It's probably almost 3 hours.
The wreath & ornament I made for my grandma
The "B's" mayhem

The Aftermath

After opening our gifts, we ate dinner. Then, we finished with opening stockings. 

K and I saw Narnia:Voyage of the Dawn Treader 3D
My brother & Matt playing the Wii beforehand
The Day after Christmas

I love being able to visit with my brother and sister. My brother lives in NC and we only get to see him around major holidays. This Christmas was fun and relaxing with many reasons to celebrate. We are so thankful for all we received and were blessed to be able to give. I love it. The Lord made it possible with providing everything for us. He is the reason for the season!!

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