Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My take on Yo-Yos

A stocking stuffer that made for a fun little craft.
(Please excuse my deteriorating red nail polish from the holidays)!
I hope to make different sizes of these.
Won't they be cute on the side of a frame, chalkboard, or on a headband?

Take your Yo-Yo maker and a scrap piece of fabric. Lay it in between and snap in place (making sure that it lines up correctly.
Tie a knot and start at the "top"with your needle and thread down. Following the grid on the bottom, go completely around the circle until you come back to the knot. Thread once more along the first one.

Pop out the disc. Take off the fabric from the disc.

Turn the fabric inside out. Pull the seam of the thread that was sewn to make the fabric come together in the center. Sew a couple of knots to make sure it  holds tight.

Ta-Da! Now you have some little Yo-Yo do-dads.
I know there shouldn't be much excess fabric, but I like it that way. Gives it some character.
I'm sure that I'll get better at it. Eventually.


  1. i bought an orange headband with an orange flower on it. the flower was made out of a zipper. i thought of you!

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