Saturday, December 11, 2010

My New Shop {Etsy}

At last!! I've finally done it!
With the help of my sweet Nikon for picture-taking and my hubby helping me change their file sizes.......
So go check it out:

I've only listed a few items and hope to do more soon!!! Tell me what you think!!

Also, I practiced a bit with our camera yesterday on the Christmas tree lights using a Bokeh effect. How cool are these?! It's pretty easy (after fiddling with the camera settings) to do
and I used the tutorial over at a new blog I found.

First some gifts under the tree

Can you tell what shapes they are?!!


  1. OH yes, Kevin and Amanda will be your best friends :) Have you gotten their "Pea Fonts" yet?? You must! :) Happy Sunday!!

  2. oo i love these pictures!

    i will def be checking out that tutorial.

    ***speaking of tutorials i wanted to let you know that you have been FEATURED today on my blog.

    go check it out!


    loving your blog and your anthro tutorial too!

  3. Found your blog through being featured on greensubmarinediydesign. Your blog is super cute and I will be using this tutorial for a Christmas shape pre-school class! We will use it to hold the parent gifts we are making.

    I am a new follower.

    Feel free to stop by, look around, comment freely, follow back and enjoy!


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