Monday, December 6, 2010

Easy Knock-Off Craft {Anthropologie}

I love Anthropologie.
It's true.
I have bought several things from Anthro, but the ONLY things I've ever bought full price was their signature Capri Blue Volcano scented candle and a "M" coffee mug for Matt. I have a "J" mug given to me by my friend Rachel as a Christmas gift one year.

My best friend couldn't have explained this love & hate relationship any better than in this post. Although I enjoy seeing the funky and beautiful things they sell, I've gathered up so many ideas with the intention to make them myself..............
Which hasn't happend until now!

I mean- this wreath is $148 whopping bucks!!!! Seriously?! That, I can easily make!
But today's easy knock off is a super cute gift box decoration. Last year, when I got some cute ornaments after the holiday season, I was given a gift box and string to wrap them up in.
Now this is no ordinary string. It was a cool string with little felt circles attached.
The girl at the register demonstrated how to push them all together to make a flower-like decoration.
I've saved it all this time because I couldn't decide how to use it. It could be a belt, vase wrapper, gift decoration, easy wreath ribbon, or used as a headband.

Felt- 4 different colors (or however many you want)
2 inch Circle Stencil or small circular object

How to make the decoration:
1. Cut string to your desired length (depending on what it's being used for)
2. Use a marker to trace circles onto your felt sheets. You will need to make at least 10.
3. Cut out the circles from inside of the marker line.
4. Fold each circle in half and cut two tiny slits in the center of each felt circle.

5. Slide the string through the slits of each circle.

6. Push the circle together to make your cool Anthropologie knock-off!!!! How fun is that?!
What will you use yours for??

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  1. LOVE IT! I definitely kept mine to use in my hair...and I still wear it :) Love Anthro!

  2. This is CUTE and so simple! (Also, Paul and I also have those mugs. Mary Ann actually got me the "L" one when we lived together and the "P" for Pepin when Paul and I got engaged... but I just say the "P" is for Paul now :)

  3. completely sweet and adorable! I'm hooked. Hope they don't show up on all my Christmas gifts, but they might. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. this is so cute! thanks for the tutorial! this would be a really cool headband.

  5. You are most welcome they are great. Let me know if you do any more and I'll link it as well. :)


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