Friday, January 11, 2013

Anthro Craft Workshop w/ Look Linger Love

I was at work one afternoon and decided to check my Google Reader. The newest post was up from Chassity Evans of the awesome blog Look Linger Love. (If you're not already following along- you should!).......So, I was reading and saw that the post was about hosting a craft workshop at the new Anthropologie store downtown (it opened at the end of October). There were a limited amount of spots open and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. I was talking with my friend Ashley at the moment and had her join in too :)

The night of the workshop was a dreary, rainy evening and I arrived (barely) on time after driving around trying to find a parking spot. The party was set up in the back of the store. There were yummy cake pops and red velvet cookies along with cider, hot chocolate, and water. We had some time to chat with those around us and then got straight to work on our felt stockings.

I'm in dark green in the middle of the very back row 
and Ashley is to the left of me in pink (picture from LLL)

Despite being a little toasty (ok honestly I was dying of being too warm), we had a really great time!! It was nice to craft with some new people and meet the lovely Chassity. Wish it had been longer than an hour!

our sweet host Chassity

my sweet pal- so glad she could go with me

Definitely looking forward to more Anthro craft workshops!!!
Y'all know I love to craft (proof found here, here, here, and here)
and how much this store inspires all of us.

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