Wednesday, January 2, 2013


i bet you thought i was gonna say new car, right?

I'm not sure what the previous owner thought about having 3 (yes! THREE!) doors in the master bedroom (one to the backyard, one to the kitchen, and one to the hallway). I thought it was strange.
Convenience maybe??

Whatever they were thinking, we preferred some privacy, so we decided to wall up the doorway that led into the kitchen. Plus, the door was up against the laundry room doorway as well, so that was a no brainer.

(kitchen side of the same wall)

I am so glad we now have a true master bedroom!

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  1. Whaaaat? Haha, I had no idea that there used to be a door there! Craziness. Just reading through lots of your posts... I didn't know that the fridge space used to be a pantry either! Where did the fridge used to go?


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